About Us

Miller Swim School was started 60 years ago by Larry and Rita Miller. They drive for opening Miller Swim School was to make kids safe in and around the water. That passion and drive has grown the school into a multigenerational school. The school teaches the same techniques used to prepare competitive swimmers and has extensively grown our instructional development program. Swimmers progress through the levels, earning ribbons along the way, but the number one focus is making swimmers safe in and around the water. This family run business has steadily grown over the years and now employs not only second and third generations but many employees that have become family.

            With the growing of Miller Swim School, and wanting to provide excellence in all things swimming, our Pro Shop opened. In 2020, we renamed around Pro Shop to Shop Miller Swim. Through Shop Miller Swim we will be able to offer products and merchandise that we believe in to our customers both online and in store. From competitive suits, to goggles, to after the water hair and skin care, to recreational toys- Shop Miller Swim offers something for all swimming levels and abilities.

            Miller Swim School and Shop Miller Swim are working to make Tulsa area families safer in and around the water, one swimmer at a time. The strive to educate the community about water safety and our passion for it shows in all aspects. Stop by our Jenks or Tulsa location for more information about swimming lessons for all ages and by sure to check out Shop Miller Swim for all of your swimming needs. For additional information please email us at millerps@millerswimschool.com or call us at 918.254.1988. Hope to see you in the water soon!